Strength Finder

I recently read the book Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath. This book focuses on focusing your life by continually developing your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Think about that for a second??? We spend most of our life trying to get really good at things we are bad at. Now what if we focused more energy on what we are good at and our natural abilities, not only would we cultivate a life we love but we will also thrive in life! 

I took their online quiz to determine my strengths. Here is what I got and what I have learned about myself and how to set myself up for success and happiness in the future! 

Here are my top 5 strengths listed and with key points that describe it and help identify myself! After the description of my strength, strength finders provides an 'Application' section. Read below to see my interpretation of mine results. 

  1. Command- 
    “You are more comfortable talking about ideas that issuing orders or dealing with conflict.” 
    “You gravitate to conversations with intelligent people”
    “You continually search for evidence to make your point”
    “You are unsentimental and not often swayed by emotional arguments or passionate pleas”
    “boldness, assertiveness, and/or self-reliance since childhood”
    “realistic and practical”
    “You motivate your friends with your passion for moving ideas from the talking stage to action stage”

 I am a very dedicated individual. I have no problem taking charge during a time of crisis. If I have a goal — I will do whatever it takes to reach it! I concentrate on facts and cast aside my emotions when making a decision. I dislike drama, conflict and chaos. I follow things through from just talking about them to actually making them happen. I dislike hiding from the truth and because of this I am upfront with things simply because it is uncomfortable for me to keep things bottled up. I work best with people with strong empathetic talents.

  1. Input
    “Your longing for knowledge is unlikely to be satisfied until you are recognized by others as the ultimate expert in a field or the grand champion”
    “At an instant you collect a fact, example, story, or piece of data, typically you are eager to use it. You trust it is valuable.”
    “You also expect to receive background briefings and/or a list of a project’s criteria”
    “You might prefer to spend time with people who appreciate (you)…”

I am consitently analyzing everything! I crave ‘input’ and knowledge :). I would rather put my energy into doing one thing really well, rather then doing a mediocre job at everything. Trust and integrity are extremely important to me and have to be earned. Feeling like my hard work is noticed and acknowledged/appreciated is what makes me feel successful. 

  1. Self-Assurance
    “You crave positions in which you can channel your energy and creativity into activities that distinguish you from others. Because you trust your judgement and your abilities, it is imperative that your work be both invigorating and challenging.”
    “(you) know the proper course of action to take no matter how difficult the circumstances are.”
    “Perhaps your presence calms people who are so worried about making the wrong decision that they make no decision.”
    “Perhaps your personal integrity tells you the right thing to do in many situations. It’s very likely that you typically enroll in demanding classes. You thrive in situations where you can test your talents as well as your endurance to discover how much you can accomplish.”

I am confident in myself and my ability to succeed. I like to challenge myself each and every day. I dislike ‘stress’ and like to handle situations in a ‘stress-free’ way. I thrive in situations where I need to ‘prove’ myself or test my talents. Partnering with someone with strong strategic, deliberative or futuristic talents helps me stay on track on reaching my goals. A position in leadership, sales, entrepreneurial roles may be a good fit for me. I work hard and long hours about things I am passionate and confident about. 

  1. Learner
    “Chances are good that you have little difficulty giving intense effort to projects, problems, or opportunities that capture and keep your attention. It’s very likely that you sometimes do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to excel in your studies or work-related assignments.”
    “You probably place your confidence in professionals”
    “Respectfully paying attention to their responses are just two ways you keep the peace. You count on these individuals to help you handle sensitive problems.”
    “(you’re a) rational thinker”
    “Instinctively, you ponder your decisions rather than react without thinking through things.”
    “People trust you to be cautious. They expect you to raise important issues that require further consideration.”

 I have a great desire to learn and want to continually improve. I trust professionals and seek advice from others. I am a rational thinker — meaning I think things through regarding facts and knowledge. I give my all in projects and opportunities to grow and learn more. I learn best when presenting to others and through quiet reflection. 

  1. Significance
    “It’s very likely that you might earn the admiration and devotion of some people when you put aside whatever you are doing to help them.”
    “The driving force or motivation — people need to reach their goals and excel.”
    “By nature, your perserve in your efforts because you believe diligence is rewarded. Reaching your goals spurs you to toil with even greater purpose.”
    “Some people feel threatened by your forceful messages.”

 I have strong views, morals and a story and a lot of people are intimidated by that. I am a goal orientated person, I am always looking for what my next goal is and how I can achieve it. My reputation is important to me. Leading brings out the best in me, my greatest motivation comes when the stakes are the highest. 

Now that I have shared my strengths with you, share with me your strengths and goals :)

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