Scar Photo Series

In sequence to my book, I have have had the opportunity to do scar photo shoots, including different photos of my scars to help capture the stories behind my scars.

In these photos I want to show that my scars have stories behind them, and that they represent vulnerability, resiliency, perseverance, and strength. We live in a world that emphasis the perfect body, and judgement is immediately placed when one does not have this. It is easy to think down on oneself and have low self-esteem because of this. However, scars represent everything that it means to be human…

As I have had to overcome multiple surgeries, my body image has changed and been redefined. I have had to learn how to accept each image I have been given. I had to learn how to overcome the insecurities and fear of ‘what do others think?’ and ‘what will he think?’

In these photos I wanted to embrace myself, my scars, and sexuality, and show that scars are beautiful. Scars should not be judged or feared, they should be embraced.

Huge thank you to Christopher Grey for taking these great photos. Here is a glimpse on what we have been working on.