Being a Young Dog Mom

Being a Young Dog Mom

Eli the day he joined my family

Eli the day he joined my family

Eli joined my life in September 2016. Before adopting him, I was looking for a dog for over three months. I was looking everywhere! I preferably wanted to get a rescue dog about 3–4 years old, but I had some other requirements; the dog must be non-shedding due to my allergies, 25–35 lbs in case I choose to rent and must have the disposition to hopefully become a therapy dog. Later I found out, just how picky I was being — finding this exact dog was impossible! Until I found him, a mini aussiedoodle in northern MN! One catch though — He was a puppy, did I have the time to train him? Or the demands a young dog bring by myself..? I saw a picture of the little man and then a youtube video and knew he was the one! Eli was the second to last one available in his litter, his price was significantly less than all of the other dogs because his right ear was shorter than the other due to a birth defect. When he came into my life, I knew it was meant to be. 


Here is everything this little man has brought into my life:

Eli today - yes he has changed color :)

Eli today - yes he has changed color :)

  1. He is always up for an adventure — just like me :)
    Whether we go to a dog park, hiking or just outside to get some fresh air, he is always there to keep me company

  2. Relaxing
    Eli is the best cuddle buddy I could ask for. When I’m laying down he comes right up next to me and curls up ❤ I can’t think of a better way to relax

  3. Routine
    I thrive off of routine. That is how I am able to get things done in the midst of managing so many different things. Before getting Eli I did not really have a routine. This little guy made me make one again, wake up early and I had to be home within a certain amount of time so he wouldn’t be alone for too long

  4. Power of friendships
    I am forever grateful for the friends that checked on Eli while I was working

  5. Meditate
    The power of just being still and enjoying the view or just laying there. I am way better at meditating with him by my side then by myself

  6. Making time to work out/take care of yourself
    A dog isn’t just going to think — well I don’t have time for a run/walk today. They are just going to do it, and if they, expect them to let you know. He also loves to run when we practice agility - running a long side of him beats running on a treadmill any day

  7. Stretch your body when you wake up
    Maybe someday Eli will join me and do yoga stretches with me…

  8. Enjoying the ride
    Eli has learned to love car rides because we always go fun places, where ever we go he always enjoys the ride

  9. How a little support and encouragement can go a long way
    In Eli’s training we use positive reinforcement methods, including treats/attention. Giving him a little encouragement with treats, goes a long way. My support and encouragement helps him succeed and his support helps me while writing grad school papers, and getting work done

  10. Love unconditionally
    Lastly, this little man is so filled with love, it just makes my heart full ❤

Eli and I, Spring 2017