We wait. We search. What about create?

After World Burn Congress 2019, I decided to stay a few extra days in California. With little plans, only a hotel room booked I decided to rent a bike and explore the beach by myself for a day. It felt so freeing and empowering to do this alone, and relax after a week full of being surrounded by amazing people and helping facilitate the youth UBelong programming. While there I reflected on where I am at in my life, and the idea of waiting and searching as so many people spend their entire life waiting and searching for something.

We wait for someone to go on that trip with us or do an activity with us, rather than doing it on our own. We wait for that person to come around, rather than moving forward. We wait and search for love, rather than creating a life we love and let love come to us. We wait and search for approval from others, rather than accepting ourselves where we are at. We wait for the perfect time to do something, rather than do it now. We search for the perfect job, rather than get the experience and develop the work ethic to get such job. And we search for happiness, rather than create it within ourselves.

But here is the thing; life, purpose, love, and happiness isn’t a destination that we can just wait or search for. It is something we create. We create it through our daily actions, our mindset, priorities, values, and through the people we allow to influence us and join our inner circle.

I have trust and faith that when we create this life for ourselves, and let the world lead us rather than ‘wait’ or ‘search,’ great things will happen, and we will find everything and more than what we were waiting and searching for. This is because happiness, strength, independence, love, and a sense of self is not something you can wait or search for, it is something we create for ourselves.