Learn to be Alone

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Throughout my life I had to learn how to be alone and embrace it, however I realize that this is not the case for most people. In fact one person I recently talked to told me that they can not be alone. First thing that ran through my mind was 'what and how?' and that is a very unhealthy way to live your life! How can you ever find happiness if you don’t even like your own company?

Throughout my life I went through extreme physical and emotional pain. Mostly from surgeries due to my burn injury. This forced me to learn at a young age that people can be hard to trust and be unreliable. Especially when you need them the most. Ultimately I had to learn how to face life alone. Now I love it so much I have a hard time imagining life any other way.

For much of my life I never understood societies perception of being alone. You see someone alone you are taught to think, ‘poor them’, ‘they must be so lonely,’ or ‘what is wrong with them.’ It is continually portrayed on social media and TV that being alone, or being single is bad. 

I tried to understand this growing up, I was perpetually single and it seemed like everyone had someone but me. Occasionally I got caught up in this mindset, but later I understood I was on a different path. When the people I trusted and truly believed would be there for me during difficult hardships were not there for me. I experienced real dark loneliness, however I learned how to look myself in the mirror and face it and discovered that loneliness is actually worse when you are surrounded around the wrong people, not when you’re alone.

I began to focus on myself and my freedom, I realized for once in my life I was able to navigate life on my terms! I had the freedom to think for myself and to follow my dreams. 

Everyone faces loneliness, as we humans are social creatures and made for relationships.

Often when one experiences loneliness, instead of facing it head on we distract ourselves from it. Alcohol, work, computers, and cell phones are just the beginning. If we aren’t distracting ourselves from mindless consumption we search for distraction in companionship in the wrong people. 

The truth is that unless you’re okay with being alone, no kind of relationship, or thing will fill that void inside of you. You have to be content with being alone first.

Here is are some ideas to help you or others that have helped me learn to love to be alone:

  1. Do things alone
    By doing things alone and watching others behavior you learn that everyone faces their own sonder. Go to the movies alone, a walk, go on a spontaneous trip! When I lived in Colorado I could not get someones schedule to line up with mine so I went on a trip to Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs by myself and had a blast!

  2. Find your own identity
    Finding your own passions and parts of you is important to have your own identity and find purpose in this world

  3. Journel
    Just sit and write what is on your mind. Free from judgement and it will help you face your thoughts and get things out in a safe way

  4. Sit in silence
    Most people are unable to sit alone for one hour. Can you sit alone with yourself for one hour and be content?

  5. Avoid mindless consumption
    Scrolling through newsfeed, yes we are all guilty, but can you schedule some time away from it all?

  6. Make plans and act on them
    Create goals and do them. You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when completed!

  7. Volunteer, get involved!
    Give back and give love to the community

  8. Travel! Explore the world.
    Even if you are just exploring your own state or town, there is always new places to be explored

I encourage you to enter into it and embrace it! Even if it is just finding a couple of minutes of quiet time by yourself! That little bit will pay off. Learning to be alone is one of the most valuable lesson you can learn. It allows you to learn know yourself fully and appreciate and embrace solitude.