Why I quit answering my phone and responding to text messages

(well, at least right away)

I used to be the person that responded to every message right away, email, phone call, text message and social media post. I was trying to meet the demands of others all the time and it was suffocating me, here is why I don’t immediate jump now when my phone rings. Instead now I live life on my own terms and wait until it is convenient for me to respond.

  1. It takes away and interrupts from living in the moment
  2. I could never get anything done
  3. I hate multi tasking all of the time
  4. It was taking over my life
  5. Being too available isn’t a good thing
  6. It is dangerous — driving
  7. It tricks us into being rude
  8. There are so many forms of communication, I can’t keep up if I jump to every one all of the time